Rest and Recovery are Keys to Lasting Fitness Results

For long-term success, plan to give your body the rest it needs between the incredible workouts you’ll crush at Tapout Fitness, coming soon to Austin.

You’ve been planning to get in your daily sweat sessions when we open Tapout Fitness in Austin, TX. Your fitness goals include a healthy nutrition plan, cutting out excess junk food, and drinking more water throughout the day. You’re going to be making big gains and will feel great about the work you put in. But as you get ready to embark on your fitness journey, scheduling which days you want to take which classes, you might also benefit from planning days you’ll skip the gym.

It may be tough to take a break after you’re just getting into a fitness routine you enjoy, like our Tapout Strike class. When you join this popular group fitness class at Tapout Fitness Austin, we’ll teach you signature striking combinations used by today’s world champions. It’s fun and addictive, so we understand you won’t even want to think about stopping for a day, but you should give your body rest so it can continue to work harder, longer, and stronger.

Hear us out—the goal of recovery is to proactively plan and prepare for your rest days so you can safely get back to training. Otherwise, you may risk being forced to take several days off if you experience an unexpected injury due to overtraining.

Rest + Recovery = Better Results

Rest is an important factor within the overall recovery process. While you rest your body by taking a day off from intense physical activity, you’re allowing your mind and body to recover from your latest workout and prep adequately for the next one. Incorporating planned days of rest into your fitness regimen will help you become more likely to stick with it both physically and mentally for the long run.

When we exercise, especially during strength and weight training, we’re actually causing microscopic tears in our muscles. During rest periods, the muscles repair themselves, becoming stronger and larger. The recovery process also includes building back the energy sources we depleted during our workouts so we can be prepared to train hard the next day.

How often should you rest? Some trainers suggest that beginners take a rest day after every 2 workouts, and more experienced athletes rest one day per week.

Aside from the physical benefits of resting, it’s important for your brain, too. Scheduled rest days give you the opportunity to spend free time with family and friends, relax at home, or work on other hobbies you love. After a short mental break, you’ll look forward to your next workout even more, returning to Tapout Fitness feeling refreshed, excited, and ready to get sweating.

Still not convinced that rest is crucial to an effective long-term fitness plan? Without dedicating time to rest, you could overtrain your body and mind, making you more susceptible to burnout, boredom, injury, a cold or the flu, poor sleep, mood swings, food binges, and decreased focus.

What to Do on a Rest Day

Rest days don’t mean you’re demoted to total couch potato status! It’s safe and healthy to stretch your muscles carefully on a day off from going hard at the gym. You can go for a bike ride with the kids, do yoga with a friend, or get a sports massage. You could also drop by Tapout Fitness, coming soon to Austin, to get in an easy jog on our treadmills or light strike practice on our boxing equipment.

If you do choose to be active on a rest day, the goal is to increase flexibility and range of motion or simply engage in an activity that’s different and exciting.

Don’t forget to rest your eyelids, too! Sleep is a key factor in the recovery process. Experts recommend 6 to 8 (preferably 7 or more) hours of sleep per night to give tired muscles the reprieve they need and an opportunity to rebuild overnight.

Know Your Body, Trust Your Instincts

You know your body better than anyone else, so trust what it’s telling you. While one athlete may only need one rest day per week, another athlete’s body may require resting every other day. By pushing through rather than resting when your body needs it, you risk being forced to take multiple days or even weeks off due to a major muscle strain or injury. Be sure to speak up and ask your future Tapout Fitness trainer for assistance or modifications if something doesn’t feel right. We’re going to be there to help you motivate you and help you succeed—not let you fail by overtraining and getting injured.

Variety is the Spice of a Great Workout

Plan to switch up your workouts to keep your mind and body focused. By targeting different areas during each workout, you give other muscle groups an opportunity to rest. Our full-service gym at Tapout Fitness will provide plenty of options to work each muscle group while having fun in the process, and we can’t wait to open in your city. From full-body circuit workouts to martial arts-based group fitness classes like kickboxing, the qualified coaches at Tapout Fitness push our members to achieve goals in a varied format.

We know our Tapout Fitness family loves to push themselves to become their best selves—and we can’t wait to see you work hard to achieve your goals—but we care about your health and safety. Incorporating planned days of rest into your fitness regimen lets you get back in here and keep crushing it! Your fitness journey is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, so think long-term when it comes to planning for rest and recovery.

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